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As a child, Senoj always enjoyed the freedom of art. She enjoyed drawing portraits and observational drawing. Growing up, her dream was to be in a career that involved math or medical services. A dedicated student, she attended college courses during her high school years, allowing her to attend her final year with only one class to complete.


In her teen years, she attended Balls, an underground LGBTQ+ competition comparable to pageants. Competing in these events, she had to learn how to apply makeup on herself. Her passion for the art on paper evolved into makeup artistry because of these competitions. She started studying techniques, application and color theory on her own and with the help of informal education through social media streams like Youtube. Over the years it has been a great process of study and apply.


With most of her education coming from the internet, Senoj decided to shy away from the application trends of social media mastered the classic looks of timeless beauty. This had Senoj finding her brush on faces she could only dreamed of. Focusing on the TV/Film industry, Senoj has worked hard to display her art on shows we all watch in our living room to the big screen and on people we all know and love.




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