Is she born with it? - Natural Makeup

Is she born with it?.. well not exactly lol. Today I'm going to show you one of the many ways I get the "natural" makeup look. To the average person, with this look you will have them asking "is she that flawless?".

The most important part of this look is using as little foundation/coverage as possible. You don't want any heavy looking makeup on the face. Pin pointing your obvious flaws and correcting them, while letting the suttle ones peep thru will give you the perfect skin. Its nearly impossble to natually have perfect skin, it's just not realistic. Allowing minimal flaws to be seen and covering the major ones evens out your skin and allows the average eye to see you as flawless.

To achieve this look is simple:

  1. After the skin is cleanse, moisturized and primed. Use a light foundation/tinted moisturizer or BB cream! My suggestions for foundations: MAC Face&Body, BHcosmetics. Or add some moisturizer to your medium/full coverage foundation to get a light coverage. There are plenty of BB creams on the market to make a choice.

  2. Once you evened out your skin. Step back from the mirror a few inches (about 12-15), give your eyes a rest, and then look at yourself again. Do you see any obvious flaws? Pimples, scars, darkness, redness? No, don't lean in the mirror, can you see them from where your standing now. If so, use a product to correct that flaw. Use as little product as possible! Then step back and repeat until you feel the flaw is corrected and isnt extremely visible. It can be slightly visible.

  3. Now that your skin is even, use a light powder. I've been loving the Revlon Nearly Naked powders lately! They are soft, velvet feeling and extremely light weight on the skin.

  4. This step is optional, but it brings life back into the face. Use a face powder/matte bronzer that is shade or two darker than your natural skin tone with a fluffy brush and lightly contour. Dont over do it. You shouldn't see any lines. With this same color, use a eyeshadow blending brush to contour the socket/crease of your eye.

  5. Add mascara (top and bottom if you wish). OR If you are really good with makeup, use some natural false eyelashes and apply it directly on the lash line. I suggest Ardell Demi Wispies or Beauty Supply brands in 747(s)mall or (m)edium with clear lash glue.

  6. Apply a lip balm, lip gloss, or whatever lip product you want!

FYI: I did use a highlighter (MAC MSF Gold Deposit) on the tops of my cheeks but this is optional!

With these steps, you should look as flawless as the models in the magazine. Although, they have photoshop and great makeup artist behind their look lol. I hope this helps you with your everyday makeup routine!

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