How to: The perfect brows!

For my first blog, I felt starting with the most sculptural part of the face and your makeup routine would make sense... Brows!

Yes, I know that everyone is on this kick of filling and sculpting their eyebrows. For some of you, I must applaud because you have the technique down pack! But for others, lawd, lets try again. I don't want anyone to take offense to what I'm saying, because I've been in the "bad eyebrow zone" before. Walking around like my eyebrows are the ish, and well to keep it short they weren't.

Don't worry your little heads, because after much practice (keyword practice) I have gotten the technique down. I never do my eyebrows exactly the same. I use different products, different tools, different shapes and so on. But the main goal is to keep them natural looking and "believable". The biggest mistake with filling in brows is over doing it. This can be easily done by simply using the wrong color to fill with. I believe once you have the correct color and tone of product the process and result is much easier!

Here in this video, I show you how I do my brows (this day). It is a very simple and easy technique. Nothing too fancy or hard to follow.

Things you need/need to know to get the perfect brows:

  • Never use black (eyeshadow or pencil)

  • Use cool tone colors (almost grey/ashy) unless you have color hair (red heads)

  • Best to use a color that is lighter than your natural hair color

  • Follow your natural eyebrow shape (unless your doing special effects)

  • Only extend or fill in sparse areas

  • Use concealer or foundation that is your exact skin tone (if you decide to use this technique)

  • Always brush thru after apply color to blend (yup just like eyeshadow on the lids)

Here are the steps (after grooming):

  1. Prep the eyebrow area (cleanse, apply primer if needed)

  2. Brush in place

  3. Use a pencil or angle brush & color product to map out your eyebrow shape

  4. Brush thru brows

  5. Fill in eyebrow. Focus on the middle, then tail, and then use whatever is left on your brush to flicker thru the front (if your using a pencil to fill dont put color in the front of your brow; go to 6b)

  6. a.) Brush thru brows b.) Use the spooley and brush product from the middle of the brow toward the front to give a natural look, then brush in place

  7. Clean up with a q-tip and makeup remover or use a flat brush and a small amount of concealer/foundation to perfect the shape. Blend the edges out.

  8. Set brows with a clear or color gel

I hope this has helped you in your makeup routine. If you have any questions, I'm here along with my comment section :)!

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